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Our goal is to help create a modern Czech Republic. We see meaning in lifelong learning and through our educational events, mentoring programs or round tables, and we are fulfilling our mission.

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We support business 

As part of our support for entrepreneurship, we are behind mentoring programs that connect entrepreneurs with experts from different business spheres. In the DoToho! program, we help small and medium-sized companies to grow their business, Ment2Grow targets B2B startups, and Yodas is there for business owners.

We educate and inspire

For us, education doesn't end with school. We want to broaden our horizons and keep our finger on the pulse of the times, and we convey the same to our community. We regularly host lectures, seminars, evening talk shows, panel discussions, roundtables, or just informal gatherings for inspiration over a glass of Prosecco.


We create opportunities to share, inspire, and create new projects-the gem of long-lasting and valuable relationships. At Opero, we connect worlds. Creative, small entrepreneurs with larger businesses, companies, and NGOs at member events, social events, or educational conferences.

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Our story

We opened Opero in November 2016 with the intention of creating a representative place for work, inspiration, and social events in Prague. A place where entrepreneurs will meet on neutral ground, as well as consistently get top professional service and a friendly atmosphere at the same time.

Our activities have grown during the time we have been operating. We are still captivated by the historic building of Štenc House and the stunning working environment, but we also put a lot of energy into education, mentoring programs, and creating opportunities for people to connect. It is the community that has been created over the years that has added enormous value to Opero, making it a kind of living organism that is constantly evolving.

Opero has already outgrown the gates of Štenc House. It is an independent platform that connects worlds. Business, academia, government and non-profit organizations, as well as worlds across a wide variety of disciplines.

From the history of the Štenc House

Opero is located in the prestigious and long-closed historical building of Stenec House on Salvátorská Street, in close proximity to Prague's Old Town Square. The house was built at the beginning of the 20th century, designed by the leading architect Otakar Novotny, and became the most modern printing house in Central Europe at the time. Thanks to its founder and his leading role in the Mánes association, it was also the meeting place of a unique company of important cultural figures such as Max Švabinský, Jan Štursa, and Jan Kotěra. It was the birthplace of major works of Czech art history and the center of social life.

Opero continues the tradition of Stenec House as a meeting place and begins to write its modern history. The house has undergone a sensitive reconstruction, the aim of which was to return the building to its original historical appearance while also meeting the requirements for functionality and modern technical equipment.

Opero historyOpero history
Opero history
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Read how our activities are mentioned in the media, how our clients like it here, and what is happening at Opero. All of this on the blog.

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Opero offers you 11 offices meeting the needs of teams and individuals alike who are looking for complete privacy for work while enjoying all the benefits of Opero membership.

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Use Opero to temporarily work in a pleasant environment or for important one-off meetings. We offer one-day admission which you simply pay at the reception on arrival, without the need for prior reservation.

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