We create projects, educational events and programs in support of business. We introduce key topics for our future, and we want to cultivate Czech society.

Support for entrepreneurship

Are you a start-up, a budding entrepreneur or an established business? For each of you, we offer a broad scope of options to move yourself and your business forward, how and what to learn, with whom to connect. How? Select from our business programs. Haven't found anything? Contact us and we will advise you.

The DoToho! mentoring program helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow. It links entrepreneurs with experienced mentors, based on practical experience, knowledge and self-improvement. More than 500 companies have already gone through the program, and the ambitions are even greater.

For B2B start-ups aspiring to develop abroad, it is often difficult to expand the network of partners, clients and investors and get their product out into the world. That is why we are creating the Ment2Grow accelerator, which will open up new possibilities for you. 

The aim of the program for business founders and owners is to find answers to key questions, especially in the field of business. The basic principle is mutual sharing in a closed group of carefully selected professionals who deal with similar situations.

More projects

Learning doesn’t end with compulsory school attendance. At Opero, we believe that lifelong learning is the future. We introduce vital topics, helping you not only to understand, but also to influence what is happening in the economy, business, science, technology, politics and other key areas. We organize a variety of events, from educational conferences to entertaining evening talk shows and informal networking. Take your pick.

Partners of our projects
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Opero offers you 11 offices meeting the needs of teams and individuals alike who are looking for complete privacy for work while enjoying all the benefits of Opero membership.

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Use Opero to temporarily work in a pleasant environment or for important one-off meetings. We offer one-day admission which you simply pay at the reception on arrival, without the need for prior reservation.

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We are preparing news from the czech business sector also planning workshops, discussions, educational events and much more.
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