A unique space with a story
in the heart of Prague

Presentable, professional – yet friendly A unique space for your meetings, work and events Large and small meeting rooms, a private café, outdoor terraces, and hidden corners.



Modern offices with the genius loci of the Old Town

Historic building or modern interior design? No need to compromise. In Opero, you can have both, plus many other advantages and benefits.

Meeting rooms

Opero has five professionally equipped meeting rooms that can be used for meetings, conferences, creative workshops, and other formal or informal gatherings. We will be happy to adapt the premises to your event, including equipment, refreshments and other services. And in the warmer months, we can set up a special outdoor meeting space on our beautiful terrace.


A representative and airy room designed for press conferences, creative workshops, and important meetings – with its own facilities.

41 m² / 34 persons
CZK 4,200 / hour


Professional room for important meetings, signing contracts, conference calls or presentations.

28 m² / 10 persons
CZK 1,400 / hour


Ideal space for creative workshops, team brainstorming. and seminars. It has a writable wall and projector.

28 m² / 20 persons
CZK 1,200 / hour


Ideal for client meetings, presentations, or other meetings. Possibility to add a projector or flipchart, and a writable wall is also available.

13 m² / 6 persons
CZK 700 / hour


Our smallest room is ideal for formal and informal meetings, coaching, or mentoring sessions.

13 m² / 4 persons
CZK 450 / hour


A quiet outdoor terrace adjacent to the café with the possibility to utilize a flipchart. A beautiful and distinctive space for your informal meetings.

29 m² / 16 persons
CZK 3,000 / hour

Space for
your event

Opero offers a space with breathtaking architecture for all types of educational, cultural, and social events. Elements of modern interior design and the interconnection of indoor and outdoor space lend the venue a unique atmosphere. Lighting equipment, a sound system, microphones, a projector, and other necessary equipment are available for your use. Host an unforgettable event with us and let us take care of everything.


The unique atmosphere of the historic premises of the Štenc House and a representative working environment in the heart of Prague. We will provide you with a quiet place to work and meet, and you will also get access to regular events with a diverse community of members. Take your business one step further with us. There is also a private café for you and your guests.

A flexible workplace

Work in an inspiring space where history meets modern design. Sit inside, outside on the terrace, at any table, or on the comfortable sofa – wherever suits you best. 

Your own table

Your individual place in a cozy shared space. Having one’s own desk is ideal for those who want to work undisturbed whenever they need to, while also being in a group of other professionals. 


Opero offers 11 offices suitable for teams and individuals looking for complete privacy for work and communication, while having all the other benefits of club membership at your fingertips. You can also locate your company headquarters here. 


Enjoy delicious coffee and refreshments in a pleasant environment. In our café, you will find the ideal place to meet with colleagues and clients, as well as relax during the day and after work. With friendly staff and Vinograf's delicious rotating menu, you'll feel right at home and always have delicious breakfast and lunch options. There is also a beautiful terrace adjacent to the café, which is always available for working/meeting out in the open air or under the pleasant shade of umbrellas. 

Membership in Opero

We'll connect you to anyone. We offer coffee. We’ll receive your
consignments. We’ll welcome your clients. We emphasize professionalism and offer a friendly approach.
Choose what you or your business needs right now. A network of inspiring people and support?
Occasional facilities for team meetings? Or a stable workplace with an atmosphere?


Expand your network and get invited to events


Meet and occasionally work at Opero.


Use Opero as your second office.

Dedicated desk

Your work and social base without limits.
2 - 8 memberships included 


Opero offers you 11 offices meeting the needs of teams and individuals alike who are looking for complete privacy for work while enjoying all the benefits of Opero membership.

Day Pass

Use Opero to temporarily work in a pleasant environment or for important one-off meetings. We offer one-day admission which you simply pay at the reception on arrival, without the need for prior reservation.

Don't miss out on anything.

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